Health is a basic right

Solentra is an expert in psychological care and support for young refugees and their families, who often suffer from traumas caused by war, which needs a very specific approach.

Our work covers a wide social context, because mental health is an issue that affects everyone involved with the child. Especially with something as complex as the migration process.

Besides, the right to qualitative health care is an unquestionable basic right. Therefore, the Sustainable Development Goal 3 (SDG3) from the United Nations is part of the foundation of Solentra.

How can you register?

We support children and people from a migration background who experience complex, trauma-related psychological issues.
Professionals and institutions can register their clients on this website using the registration form or by clicking the 'register' button below.
Are you not affiliated with an organisation but do you still wish to register? Simply get in touch and we'll assess the options.

  • children aged 2.5 years and up

  • young people

  • adults


More information? Questions or collaboration?

We are happy to provide more detailed information on our activities, projects and courses.

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