Our society is becoming extremely diverse. Big cities have always been multicultural, but this multicultural character is becoming increasingly more noticeable in smaller towns and villages.

The change constantly presents new challenges. Service providers and institutions who are directly involved in this process often claim that traditional methods to coping with such challenges are insufficient.

Solentra aims to support these people by sharing its experience, built up over many years, and by working together to find feasible solutions.

In this way, we facilitate the transfer of children and young people suffering from psychological issues into the standard sector.

Solentra provides:

  • Consultation and liaison: do you have a case or a recurring topic for which you want to compile as much expert knowledge as possible in order to tackle it? Solentra will help in drawing up a joint request for assistance and a solution process
  • Educational and training days focused on the topics of cultural sensitivity, the impact of migration and community-based operations

Choose from:

  • 2-day basic course
  • ‘Vulnerabilities in child refugees’ and ‘Detection of psychological vulnerability’
  • tailor-made courses designed specially for your organisation

Our method: PACCT®

PACCT® is our own specially developed method that aims to make it easier for young refugees to find and accept psychological support. PACCT® stands for Psychiatry Assisting the Cultural diverse Community in Creating healing Ties. It is based on three starting points and built on two pillars:

Our starting points

  • Link with active participation in society
  • Impact of the migration process
  • Ecological vision of development

Our pillars

  • Community-oriented approach
  • Consideration of the problem from an ethno-psychological perspective

8 fact sheets: core topics concerning refugee mental health

Solentra has consolidated the content of the educational and training courses in 8 fact sheets These fact sheets cover the core topics related to refugee mental health. They are the result of a collaboration between Solentra and a number of expert professionals in the field: Geertrui Serneels, Koen Van Praet, Birsin Taspinar, Winny Ang and Stéphanie De Maesschalck. These fact sheets were also realised with the financial support of the Koning Boudewijn Stichting.
  1. Culturally sensitive care
  2. Identity
  3. The PACCT® method
  4. Psycho-social first aid
  5. Language support
  6. Trauma in refugees
  7. The perception of sickness and culture
  8. Care for the carer: self-care


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