Solentra provides specialised educational course and training for anyone who comes into contact with migrant and refugee children and adults in a professional sphere.

Educational courses

Basic training package in psycho-social support (2 days)

We have developed a two-day basic training package on the ‘Psycho-social support of refugee families’, which encompasses the following topics:

  • what it means to be a refugee
  • the impact of migration
  • detecting problems in refugees
  • psycho-social support for refugees
  • referral to standard support services
  • consideration of cultural differences in the support process
  • community-based activities with refugee families
  • trauma

Topic-specific courses

We also provide topic-specific educational courses. A selection of our customised offer:

  • transcultural skills
  • detecting psychological problems in refugee children
  • community-based activities in practice
  • self-harm
  • family reunification

Upon request, we can organise for our courses to be held on site.

The basic price for an educational course is € 500 per half-day. If you are interested in receiving a customised offer, please feel free to contact us via this contact form or send us an email at

For OCMW employees, we currently (2019) have a range of free-of-charge courses on offer,  which allows them to follow a 3-module course.


Alongside the educational courses, Solentra also provides content-related support with specific case files.

This involves collaboration and/or supervision for teams and individuals who work closely with our target group.


Solentra participates in case discussions with members of various organisations.

For more information on what we offer, please send an email to Or complete the contact form.


We analyse problems in concrete cases and discuss the support with members of the same team.

We also provide supervision on an individual basis.

For more information on what we offer, please send an email to Or complete the contact form.


If you have an urgent question concerning a psychological aspect of a specific case, you can contact one of our psychologists at any time:


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