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International Organization for Migration

International Organization for Migration


In an effort to address current migrant trends, several European countries have drafted guidelines on how to better define their role in supporting refugees.

One of these initiatives is the TRAIN4M&H project. For this project first-line health professionals, legal authorities, and social assistants that work locally with migrants and refugees are trained in the specific needs for refugees in healthcare, so that they too get access to adequate basic healthcare.

A first “train the trainer” workshop is currently taking place in Romania, where our colleague Michelle is present. Solentra was asked to share our expertise concerning mental healthcare and intercultural competencies.

Do you work in the social sector? Are you interested in developing and sharing knowledge with your colleagues? Participate in the training in Brussel on October 15th, 16th, and 17th (2018)! Contact Sarah Uyttendaele before October 8th at


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