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Psychologist of the year

Psychologist of the year


Save The Date!

Geert Serneels is elected psychologist of the year 2016.

Every year, the Ghent Alumni Psychology (GAP) , presents the award “psychologist of the year”. This year they choose director Geert Serneels because of the work done by Solentra involving trauma relief for refugee children.

The event will be held on June 2nd from 19:30 in the Aula University of Ghent (Volderstraat).

To maximize this opportunity to sensibilize the audience about the subject Solentra was involved in the set up of the evening.

The program is gradually taking shape: dr. Annik Lampo and laureate Geert Serneels are among the speakers. We also organize a fascinating panel discussion: Anja Dewilde (file coordinator UMs, Commissioner General for Refugees and Stateless Persons), Dr. Hilde Van Gastel (senior manager Asylum Seekers in Red Cross-Flanders), dr. Kathia Van Egmond (Medical coordinator, Fedasil) and Dr. Reginald Moreels already confirmed their presence.
We will communicate the full program as soon as possible.

All info can be found through the link provided, entry is free but registration is required.

Hope to meet you on June 2nd.


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