ESF (European Social Fund)

With the support of the ESF, Solentra and her West-Flemish office have set up West4Youth, a local partnership for young people committed to social inclusion and poverty reduction.

By realising this intersectoral partnership in the West-Flanders region, we aim to set up an active, close-knit network of organisations for every young person (18-30 yrs) in a socially vulnerable position that is responsible for:

  • Care continuity;
  • Commitment to accessibility;
  • Granting and making use of rights (i.e. avoiding that young people go unnoticed, end up in homelessness, not find a suitable job,…)

In doing so, we create and offer opportunities for positive social integration in all areas of life. We do this based on a quality and future-oriented life tailored to the young person (with respect for individuality and participation).

The expertise of various organisations is shared to the maximum and used to solve complex situations. Possible thresholds are mapped out and eliminated as much as possible.

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