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Colour in Care and Care in Colour

The project ‘Kleur in Zorg en Zorg in Kleur’ (which literally translates to: Colour in Care and Care in Colour) is a bicommunal project from Solentra in Brussels. The project provides accessible and efficient mental health care to children with a migration background and their families. The project is subsidised by the Common Community Commission (Dutch: Gemeenschappelijke Gemeenschapscommissie [GGC]).

From a human rights perspective and our own PACCT methodology (Psychiatry Assisting the Cultural diverse Community in creating healing Ties), the project aims to promote health, well-being and integration.

Broad Ecological Scale

Within the framework mentioned before, we operate on a broad ecological scale (see the Bronfenbrenner model), wherein we mobilise all partners from the field (clients, professionals and others). We also get them involved in the creation of concise requests for assistance, diagnosis and therapy planning. This can then be supported by all parties.

This project is based on close contact between the players, the reinforcement of resilience and cultural sensitivity.

Our Solentra support workers in Brussels are specialised in ethnotherapeutics and trauma. Upon request, we can also organised educational and training courses.

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