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“You have to understand that no one puts their children in a boat unless the water is safer than the land.” – Warsan Shire

Everyone has the right to a safe home. Right?

Home is where you can be yourself and develop carefree. That changes when you suddenly have to flee from war, conflict or other traumatic events. Then your whole existence wavers.

You lose your safe home in a very abrupt way. Moreover, you end up in a new, strange country. With new people and a foreign language. If you cannot go back to your country, you have to rebuild your life from scratch. It is normal that you then have to deal with complex thoughts and fears. Without help, it is difficult to get your bearings, either now or in the future.

That is why everyone is entitled to a safe home in a society that values people and supports them. Solentra contributes to this with a free offer of specialized mental health care and treatment of war trauma for people with a refugee background, in the language of the client.

Your financial support helps us to continue to offer our services free of charge to people with a refugee background in the future.

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    A Friends of Solentra Fund was set up within the King Baudouin Foundation at the initiative of several philanthropists who are friends. The Fund supports the projects of Solentra. You too can join and become a friend by making an >b>online donation via the Friends of Solentra Solidarity & Trauma Fund. This fund is managed by the King Baudouin Foundation so donations from 40 euros on an annual basis are tax deductible. This applies to donations from Belgium, France, the Netherlands, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Denmark.

    You can also make your donation to the Friends of Solentra Solidarity and Trauma Fund by bank transfer to the King Baudouin Foundation's account number:
    King Baudouin Foundation
    BE10 0000 0404
    Structured communication: +++ 623/3734/10097 +++

  • Become a volunteer

    Or would you rather help us out as a volunteer? You can always contact us at : 02 477 57 15 or at

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As a public foundation Donorinfo will help you with choosing financially bona fide philanthropical organizations. You can find information on the activities and controlled financial means of Belgian charity organizations on the website Because we value transparency, you can also find the annual budget of Solentra on


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