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“You have to understand that no one puts their children in a boat unless the water is safer than the land.” – Warsan Shire

Everyone has the right to a home. Right?

Home is where children can not only be themselves, but also develop themselves in a carefree environment. When children flee their war-torn countries, their whole worldview can be severely affected. Instantly they lose their homes. Added to this loss they have to find their way in a new, strange country with new people and a different language. As a result, children can turn inwards, and wrestle with complex thoughts and fears. Orientation in this new environment is difficult and confusing, and we see that without help this does not improve in the future.

This is why every child has the right to a home, where they can fully develop their identity in a society that appreciates and guides them. This is what Solentra continues to strive for.
You can help reach our goal by supporting us. Please feel free to donate.
Because community support creates healing ties!

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    363-0311375-45 mentioning "Steun Solentra"
    IBAN BE44 3630 3113 7545

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    Or would you rather help us out as a volunteer? You can always contact us at : 02 477 57 15 or at

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As a public foundation Donorinfo will help you with choosing financially bona fide philanthropical organizations. You can find information on the activities and controlled financial means of Belgian charity organizations on the website Because we value transparency, you can also find the annual budget of Solentra on


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