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Geertrui Serneels


0473 65 65 68
  • Master in Clinical Psychology (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
  • Training in etnopsychiatry from the Georges Devereux Centre, in Paris
  • Training in integrative child therapy (Faculty for Mens en Samenleving)
  • Training in EMDR (Integratie VZW)
  • Master in Law (KU Leuven)
  • Degree in International Affairs Johns Hopkins University, SAIS

Kaat de Loof

Senior Clinical Psychologist, Behavioral Therapist and Regional Manager for Brussels and Vlaams-Brabant

0485 63 84 96
Relevant training
  • EMDR I & II
  • DGT Trauma therapy
Responsible for the GGC project

Francette Meert

Liesbet Van Krunkelsven

Alain Nlandu

Etnopsychologist / Consultant

  • Master in psychological and pedagogical sciences (University of Kisangani, homologized)
  • Training in EMDR (Integrativa vzw)
  • Training in PTR (Psychotherapy of re-associative trauma) (Institut M.H. Erickson de Belgique)
  • Short systems oriented therapy
  • Yearlong experience in the Democratic Republic of Congo with street children and child soldiers, and as a trainer for Unicef and Save the Children.
  • French
  • Lingala
  • Swahili

Karlien Verstegen

Clinical Psychologist Vlaams-Brabant

0485 05 97 77
  • Context focused care: Systems oriented family - and context assistance (VZW Rapunzel)
  • Mental health care with complex processing mechanisms and trauma (Interactie- academie Antwerpen)
  • Master in Psychology – clinical psychology, option children, adolescents and family (KU Leuven)

Chloe Guepdjouo

Clinical Psychologist Brussel

0484 38 80 45
  • Master in de Klinische Psychologie (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, 2018)
  • Narrative Exposure Therapy (ARQ Academy, ongoing)
  • Clinical stage Solentra vzw (sept. 2017 – may 2018)

Lena Swinnen

Clinical Psychologist Brussel

0485 77 18 43
Training & Experience
  • Master in Clinical Psychology (KU Leuven, 2016)
  • Clinical internship at UPC KU Leuven (campus Kortenberg)
  • Narrative Exposure Therapy (ARQ Academy, ongoing)
  • National and international experience with NGO’s focused on refugee mental health and advocacy
  • International research experience (Stanford University)
  • Experience in research policy (European Commission)
  • Chamberlain, R., Swinnen, L., Heeren, S. & Wagemans, J. (2017). Perceptual flexibility is coupled with reduced executive inhibition in students of the visual arts. The British Journal of Psychology, 109, 144-258. doi: 10.1111/bjop.12253
  • Yue, A., Gao J., Yang, M., Swinnen, L., Medina, A. & Rozelle, S. (2018). Caregiver depression and Early Child development: a mixed-method study from rural China. Frontiers in Psychology.

Christian Loones


02 477 57 15
  • Master in Clinical Psychology (UGent, 2010)
  • Current COO with Solentra, responsibilities include HR and financial policy, process optimization and good governance.
  • Expertise of financial operations as financial controller abroad.
  • Extensive experience as financial and administrative director within the psycho-social revalidation sector (ASBL Le Gué).
  • Yearlong divers and profound knowledge of residential (ASBL Antenne 110) and ambulatory(ASBL La Soucoupe) mental health care, both with adult and adolescent populations.
  • Experience as a psychologist in a private praxis (ASBL rue de l’été).
  • Current COO at Solentra, responsibilities include HR and financial policy, process optimization and good governance.
  • Expertise in financial operations as financial controller (DENYS) in Belgium and abroad (Mozambique).
  • Extensive experience as financial and administrative director within the psycho-social revalidation sector (ASBL Le Gué).
  • Yearlong divers and profound knowledge of residential (ASBL Antenne 110) and ambulatory (ASBL La Soucoupe) mental health care, both with adult and adolescent populations.
  • Experience as a private psychologist(ASBL rue de l’été).

Mehdi Firouzi

Klinisch Psycholoog en AMIF Docent – Brussel

0492 58 79 11


  • Master in Klinische Psychologie – Kinderen en adolescenten (VUB, 2016)
  • Bachelor in Toegepaste Taalkunde (VUB, 2012)
  • Gespecialiseerde Master in Culturele Anthropologie en Ontwikkelingsstudies (KU Leuven, in opleiding)
  • Narratieve Exposure Therapie (ARQ Academy, 2020)
  • Opleiding Dienst Sociale Interventie (Red Cross Flanders - DSI, 2019)


  • Nationale en international ervaring in de psychosociale begeleiding van kwetsbare vluchtelingen en migranten
  • International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC Malaysia, 2018).
  • SGBV Unit – Child Protection Unit bij het Hoog Commissariaat van de Verenigde Naties voor de Vluchtelingen in Maleisië (UNHCR, 2017).

Annik Lampo

Head of PAika, Child Psychiatry, at UZ Brussel

02 477 60 72
  • Child and adolescent psychiatrist

Catherine Pauwels

Clinical Psychologist and Regional Manager - Antwerp

0485 77 17 43

Hilde Herrygers

Remedial Educationalist

0483 08 48 23
  • Master’s degree in remedial education (KU Leuven, 1984)
  • Family Systems Oriented Therapy (Centrum voor de studie van het gezin, Gent, 1992)
  • Collaborative and Narrative Therapy (Centrum voor narratieve benaderingen, 2001)
  • Post-graduate training in family therapies (Peter Rober and Edith Tilmans – Ostyn, 2006)
  • Solution-Focused Approach (Vraagkracht, The Netherlands, 2012)
  • ACT-training (ACT-Academy Mortsel, 2013)
  • EMDR: Basic modules 1 en 2 (Integrativa, 2018)
  • Multiple workshops on the New Authority with Haim Omer
  • More than 25 years of experience leading multidisciplinary teams in offering holistic care to vulnerable youth. Strong emphasis on cultural awareness and outreaching approaches.
  • More than 20 years of experience as a psychotherapist in a private practice.

Marit Rutten

Clinical Psychologist - Antwerp

0483 08 48 44
  • Master’s in Clinical Psychology (UGent) and Universitat Barcelona (Erasmus)
  • Postgraduate in intercultural aid (Thomas More)
  • Basic course Systems oriented therapy (Interactie-Academie)
  • Worked with homeless children in Peru.
  • Experience in special youth care and offering assistance to vulnerable families.
  • Experience in treatment of children with attachment and developmental disorders.

Arlène Manirankunda

Clinical Psychologist - Antwerp

0484 08 84 26
  • Master’s in Clinical Psychology (UGent)
  • Transcultural Treatment Approaches (RINO, Amsterdam)

Benjamin Berloznik

Project Associate and Clinical Psychologist - Antwerp

0483 61 33 19
  • Master’s in Clinical Psychology (VUB)
  • Internship and Master’s thesis on sleeping disorders
  • Training and working experience in the practice of neuro-feedback (Arizona, US, 2017)
  • Training in Trauma therapy (Centrum Open Mind, Lovendegem, 2018)
  • Narrative Exposure Therapy (Amsterdam, 2018)
  • Experience as project associate with Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen (2018)

Maxime Dierick

Klinisch psychologe Antwerpen

0484 38 81 20
  • Master Klinische Psychologie (Universiteit Gent)
  • Postgraduaat interculturele hulpverlening (Thomas More)
  • Opleiding Stressteam voor collegiale opvang (Dr. Erik De Soir – Dienst Vreemdelingenzaken)
  • Narratieve Exposure Therapie
  • Ervaring met psychosociale begeleiding in opvangcentra voor asielzoekers
  • Ervaring als psycholoog in gesloten centra van Dienst Vreemdelingenzaken

Sarah Uyttendaele

Psychologist West-flanders

0483 28 08 95
  • PhD in gezondheidspsycholoogie
  • Master in klinische psychologie
  • Optimistische psychotherapie
  • Gedragsmatige systematische koppeltherapie
  • Gedragsanalytische systemische therapie van obsessief-compulsieve angststoornissen en somatische symptomen
  • Albert Elis Rationele emotionele gedragstherapie( REBT)
  • Cognitieve GedragsTherapie ( CGT)
  • Acceptation Commitment Therapie( ACT)
  • Narrative Exposur Therapie( NET)
  • Praktische toepassing van theorieën in consultatie Identificatie & therapieErvaring
  • Als psychotherapeut en preventieadviseur psychosociale aspecten in Kish free zone organisation( 2012-2018)
  • Groepstherapie over het verminderen van angst, depressie en het vergroten van welzijn
  • Individuele begeleiding voor huwelijk, scheiding en echtelijke conflicten
  • Training in opvoedvaardigheden, management van woede, angst en stress, Targeting, planning, besluitvorming en effectieve communicatievaardigheden

Michelle Warriner

Senior Clinical Psychologist and Regional Manager - Limburg

0473 84 03 38
  • Psychodynamic Child-Psychotherapist (KULeuven)
  • EMDR (Integrativa vzw)
  • Master’s in Clinical Psychology - child and adolescent psychology (KU Leuven)
  • Master’s in Organizational Psychology (KU Leuven).
  • Specialised Master’s in International Relations and Conflict Management (KULeuven). Years of international working experience (e.g. in Palestine) and participation in foreign exchange programs.
  • Child Protection Officer with Save the Children Sweden in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

Karlijn Noest

Clinical Psychologist - Limburg

0483 08 47 60
  • EMDR: Basic module (Integrativa vzw)
  • Master’s in Clinical Psychology (Universiteit Leiden)
  • Research Master in Clinical and Health Psychology (Universiteit Leiden)

Saartje Kortleven

Clinical Psychologist - Limburg

0484 38 80 61
  • Master’s in Clinical Psychology (UGent)
  • System oriented Therapy (vzw Interactie Academie)
  • Course on narrative approaches (vzw Interactie Academie)
  • EMDR: Basic Module (vzw Integrativa)
  • Working with children and adolescents using a family dynamics approach (vzw Rapunzel)
  • Experience in the psychological treatment of substance abuse (vzw Katarsis)
  • Freelance associate at the Interactie-Academie.
  • Experience in working with refugees through private practice

Hilde Van Durne

Psychotherapist for (young) children and adults and Regional Manager - West-Flanders

0485 63 84 67
  • Master’s in Clinical and Developmental Psychology(UGent)
  • Trauma therapy (Sensormonitor Psychotherapy for the Treatment of Trauma - SPE)
  • « Formation au travail psychothérapeutique parents-bébés » therapy training – 2008-2011 (Groupe d’Etude en Clinique Familiale de la petite enfance)
  • Therapy training in working with children and adolescents (UGent – prof. Verhaeghe) – 2011-2013
  • Islamic approaches on relations and child upbringing (Hoger Instituut Gezinswetenschappen – 2007)
  • Working with mourning, trauma and refugees– in supervision
  • Psychotherapist in a group practice for infants, children and their families
  • Psychotherapist in a group practice for refugee families

Evana Ward

Psychologist – West Flanders

0485 77 20 64
  • Master’s in Applied Psychology (Middlesex University, 2013)
  • rTMS course for Professionals in treating Depression and other disorders ( NeuroCare Group, Munich 2017)
  • Neurofeedback in ADHD and Insomnia (NeuroCare Group, Nijmegen. 2017)
  • Addiction Program at Utrecht University, The Netherlands. 2016
  • Applied Behavior Analysis (Florida Institute of Technology-USA 2011)
  • Art Therapy ‘Creative Approaches’ by ATIC. 2016
  • Trauma training, Seattle Pacific University. 2016
  • Experience in management of social intervention programs and creating social intervention policies

Nils Vandenbroucke

Clinical Psychologist – West-Flanders

0489 05 15 11
  • Master’s in Clinical Psychology (Ugent)
  • Thesis on resilience and trauma in emergencies
  • Regional Manager of the Flemish Red Cross’ ‘DSI’ (Dienst Sociale Interventie) service in West-Flanders, conducting psycho-social interventions in emergencies.
  • Offered psycho-social support to Pupil Guidance Centers (“CLB’s”) in the context of awareness raising projects on trauma and refugees.
  • Lecturer at Vives College in Intercultural work, crisis management and communication.


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