Who are we?

About Solentra

Solentra stands for Solidarity and Trauma. As experts in transcultural psychiatry, we provide psychological care and support to young refugees, migrant children, and their families. This target group suffers from a range of complex psycho-traumatic issues, having gone through an often hellish journey of fleeing war in their home countries.

Solidarity because we consider health in the broadest of senses. Psychological suffering and the recovery from it are most definitely present in the individual if they have a history of migration. This requires a strong and wide safety net. Additionally, a sense of solidarity is the very basis of well-being.

Our area of expertise lies in the trauma brought on by experiences of war and migration. We are a high-quality and culturally sensitive centre for diagnosis and treatment. Part of our work consists of ongoing research and optimisation as well as the use of state-of-the-art treatment methods. This is how we came to develop our own PACCT® method, which renders psychological support considerably more accessible and efficient for our target group, with a guarantee of excellent quality.

As a high-quality and culturally sensitive treatment centre, we engage in ongoing research and optimisation activities.

Vision & Values

The right to good health is a fundamental basic right. This human right is our starting point. The Sustainable Development Goal 3 (SDG3) from the United Nations is the guiding principle found throughout all of Solentra's operations.

This requires a broad ecological vision of psychological health, whereby we:

  • recognise and highlight the importance of culture, language and solidarity

  • operate from a socio-economic, legal and culturally sensitive perspective

  • work together with both the client and all parties from society invested in the client

Vision & Values

Our team

Solentra is built on a highly skilled team of clinical psychologists, development psychologists and psycho-therapists. We have all completed specialist courses or degrees and carry out our work on the basis of many years of experience in the field. We are currently active in the following provinces:

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Education & Training

We also provide specialised educational courses and training for professionals who work closely with migrant and refugee children.

  • 2-day basic training package in psycho-social support
  • topic-specific courses
  • peer-review and/or supervision with specific case files

Education & Training


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